Coffee Grinder

CGF02 - Coffee grinder

A perfect coffee grinding for a complete "barista set"

Experience the authentic pleasure of coffee preparation with the CGF02 coffee grinder, the perfect addition to your barista set. With an impressive 50 different grind levels ranging from superfine to medium, you have the power to fine-tune your grind to perfection. Each setting offers a unique flavor profile, allowing you to personalize every aspect of your coffee to match your taste. Delight in the rich, aromatic espresso with every brew, knowing that your coffee has been meticulously crafted to match your exacting standards.

  • Ground coffee for single espresso
  • Ground coffee for double espresso
  • Manual Function

  • 15 adjustable grinding macros
  • Preset quantities for espresso grinding
  • Antistatic system


The details that make the difference

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Conical burrs

Conical stainless steel grinders for better consistency of the chosen grain size

Grinding Function

Coffee grinder: the true aroma of coffee starting from the grinding performed at the moment

Coffee grinder for espresso coffee

Coffee grinder designed to deliver impeccable grinding quality, perfect for an authentic and irresistible espresso taste


For true connoisseurs

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Grind Adjustment for Ideal Espresso

Grind Adjustment for Ideal Espresso

To consistently enjoy the perfect espresso, remember to adjust the grinder settings based on the type of coffee bean you're using. Regurarly refining these settings to compensate for changes in humidity and bean freshness can improve your espresso's extraction quality. This proactive approach ensures that the flavor and quality of your espresso remain exceptional over time.


Cappuccino represents the essence of Italian tradition in the world of coffee: the perfect blend of espresso's intensity and the smoothness of milk foam, creating an irreplaceable  morning ritual to start the day with a hug.