Manuell espressomaskin

ECF02 - Manual espresso coffee machine

Coffee and design 100% Made in Italy in the comfort of your own home

Treat yourself to the luxury of savouring a coffee that tastes as good as at the one served at the café in the comfort of your own home, and furnish your kitchen with an eye-catching design object. ECF02 is the Made in Italy manual espresso coffee machine that with its 15-bar pressure, guarantees the best result when it comes to excellent espresso coffee. It is easy-to-use and, thanks to its steam wand, enables you to obtain a luscious, creamy, milk froth. Combined with the style and gestures of a real Italian barista.

  • Single Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Long single Espresso
  • Long double Espresso
  • Steam

  • 4 pre-dosed and programmable coffee selections
  • 3 extraction temperature levels
  • Manual, articulated steam wand for perfect milk froth
  • Removable drip tray to accommodate large mugs


The details that make the difference

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Upplev fördelarna med termoblockets uppvärmningssystem som ger snabbare maskinuppvärmning och exakt vattentemperaturkontroll för bästa kaffesmak

Kompakt design

Kompakt design som passar perfekt i alla kök


Avtagbar droppbricka för stora kopphållare och enkel rengöring.

Tryckpump med 15 bar

Med en pumpkraft på 15 bar garanteras en korrekt extraktion av din espresso, vilket är avgörande för att uppnå den perfekta kaffesmaken.

Made in Italy

Kaffemaskin helt designad och tillverkad i Italien.

Filterhållare (51 mm)

En filterhållare i rostfritt stål på 51 mm, passar för både kaffepulverfilter och papperspods.

Perfekt italiensk espresso

Espressokaffemaskin designad för att ge dig en perfekt och äkta italiensk espresso, med snabba kontroller för enkel, dubbel espresso eller long drinks.


Thanks to the steam wand, it is always possible to get a perfect milk foam, perfect for creating different drinks.


For true connoisseurs

Expert advice on how best to use our products.

Double menu

Double menu

Press the button on the control panel to switch between menus. The white menu is for the single and double-shot and steam espresso coffee functions. The orange menu is for the long (single and double-shot) espresso coffee and steam functions.

From coffee beans to the true taste of espresso coffee

Espresso coffee is a seemingly simple recipe, but one that can turn into an unforgettable taste experience if a few minor adjustments are made.

Italian espresso coffee: the coffee experience through our senses

Coffee tasting is an art that fully engages our senses, in particular our eyes, nose and mouth, and if carried out with a few 'professional' touches, it leads us to a deeper discovery of our tastes. We can re-create this experience at home with espresso coffee, which is considered the ultimate concentrate of taste.

The distinguishing features of espresso coffee are its crema, its aroma as well as its body and taste.

The term 'espresso' means 'freshly brewed', or rather that it is extracted under pressure using a dedicated coffee machine after being ordered by the customer. This method was originally conceived to be able to serve coffee faster to customers, and the first prototype of the machine was presented at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1855. In addition to the speed with which coffee is brewed, the espresso method also enables the essence of the coffee beans to be extracted. That is why its intense fragrance and rich aroma have made it famous worldwide.

As soon as our espresso coffee is ready, we ensure that the temperature in the cup is approximately 75°-80° and that its volume is about 25 to 30 ml.

By visually inspecting it, we can analyse the colour of the coffee: it should be brown with a hazelnut crema that has a compact texture yet is not frothy.

A crema that is too light in colour is a sign of under-extracted coffee, in which case the crema is either thin, non-existent or isn’t compact. To improve this defect, it is usually necessary to grind the coffee beans to a finer grain size or to increase the amount of ground coffee.

On the other hand, if the crema is too dark, this means that the coffee has been over-extracted, in which case the coffee beans should be ground to a coarser grain size, or the amount of ground coffee should be reduced. Let's examine the consistency and persistence of the crema: how compact does it remain before it dissolves?

We are now ready to perform a full sensory analysis of the coffee, taking into account its aroma, taste and flavour. The latter is achieved through a combination of flavours and aromatic perceptions.

The former, as we know, come from the mouth, while aromas are perceived by the nose but can also be oronasal perceptions, i.e. originating from the mouth. In any case, smell accounts for 80% of flavour identification.

The coffee taster's flavour wheel is the reference used to describe all coffee qualities and graphically represents the 9 flavour categories: roasted, spicy, dried fruit/cocoa, sweet, floral, fruity, sour/fermented, green/vegetative, other.

By looking at the central part of the wheel, it is possible to recognise the predominant flavour by distinguishing the characteristics of our espresso coffee, and to note down our feelings on a sheet of paper.

These sensations do not end upon tasting, but pleasantly persist for a long time.

Coffee and design 100% Made in Italy in the comfort of your own home

ECF02 is the Made in Italy manual espresso coffee machine that with its 15-bar pressure, guarantees the best result when it comes to brewing excellent espresso coffee.