Espresso with Pump

ECF01 - Manual Espresso Coffee Machine

Colour, design, and taste

The ECF01 is a compact manual espresso machine with an iconic design that brings the pleasure of the Italian bar experience into the comfort of your own home.

The pump's pressure of up to 15 bar ensures the best possible result for an excellent cup of espresso coffee. The Cappuccino System creates a thick, creamy froth by combining steam, air, and milk, allowing you to make your favourite milk-based drinks at home. You can use either coffee powder or paper coffee pods. Its control panel is user-friendly, quick, and you can even brew two coffees at the same time by using the filter holder arm. Its tray is removable, and you can enjoy your beverage in either a small or large cup, for a customised experience.

  • Double Espresso
  • Single Espresso
  • Steam

  • Tempered glass jug, 12-cup capacity
  • Aroma Intensity selection display, Time setting function
  • Keep warm, ¼-cup function, Autostart function
  • Permanent filter and scoop


Choose your colour

ECF01PBUK Espresso Coffee Machine
ECF01RDUK Espresso Coffee Machine

The details that make the difference

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Heating system with Thermoblock technology. It keeps water at the optimal temperature for brewing coffee.

Compact Machine

Compact and space saving

Drip tray

Removable drip tray. For housing large cups and easy cleaning.

15 bar pump

15 bar pump power ensures consistent espresso extraction.

Espresso Specific

Espresso coffee machine designed for perfect delivery of true Italian espresso, with functions for single and double espresso.

Milk Function

The Cappuccino System ensures a thick and creamy foam to achieve a flawless milk foam.


For true connoisseurs

Expert advice on how best to use our products.

Beverage length customisation

Beverage length customisation

Keep the brewing button pressed down and release it as soon as the desired amount of coffee is reached. The light flashes to indicate that the selected amount has been saved.

Italian-style shaken iced coffee

Caffé Shakerato (Italian-style shaken iced coffee) is the perfect recipe to savour a refreshing coffee break on hot summer days. By now, this is a classic variation with all the flavour of espresso coffee.