Manuell espressomaskin

EGF03 - Manual espresso coffee machine with integrated grinder

Enjoy the Italian bar experience at home with integrated grinder

Operate the filter holder arm like a real barista and enjoy moments of pure Italian style every day. The EGF03 coffee machine enables you to customise every step of your coffee brewing, in a professional, connoisseur-like way: choose the blend you prefer, insert the coffee beans into the integrated grinder, select the pre-infusion that best suits your taste (short, standard, long or progressive) and the coffee extraction temperature.

Then proceed to brew: the pressure gauge will show whether you have carried out the correct coffee grinding and pressing operations to achieve perfect espresso coffee extraction.

You can also prepare milk-based drinks using the professional steam wand.

  • Single Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Single grind
  • Double grind
  • Steam Intensity 1
  • Steam Intensity 2

  • 4 pre-infusion profiles
  • 4 extraction temperature levels
  • 2 steam intensity levels
  • Adjustable grind level
  • 4 filters (2 pressurised and 2 non-pressurised)


The details that make the difference

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Innebygd kaffekvern for å fremheve smaken av ferske kaffebønner

Dobbelt oppvarmingssystem

Dobbelt oppvarmingssystem (Thermoblock): brygging av kaffe og damp samtidig, uten ventetid.


Espressokaffemaskin designet for perfekt servering av ekte italiensk espresso, med funksjoner for både enkel og dobbel espresso.

Trykpumpe med 20 bar

20 bars pumpetrykk: for en korrekt ekstraksjon av espressoen

58 mm diameter portafilter

Profesjonell 58 mm filterholder, designet for å alltid ha det beste resultatet i koppen


Du kan velge mellom 4 ekstraksjonstemperaturer og 4 preinfusjonsprofiler.


Takket være manometeret kan du enkelt sjekke om kaffen ekstraheres ved riktig trykk, noe som er avgjørende for å oppnå den beste kaffesmaken.


Et dampmunnstykke i rustfritt stål som gir et perfekt melkeskum i koppen og skaper en ekte baristaopplevelse.


Sett med tilbehør for å komplettere 'Barista'-opplevelsen: filtre for enkel og dobbel kaffe, enkel og dobbel vegg, rustfri stålkaraffel, rustfritt stål tamper, vannhardhetslist, renseskive, børster og rensenål


For true connoisseurs

Expert advice on how best to use our products.

The pressure gauge

The pressure gauge

This shows whether you have carried out the correct coffee grinding and pressing operations. If it indicates under extracted, you need to grind the coffee to a finer grain size, or to increase the amount of coffee. If it indicates over extracted, it is necessary to grind the coffee to a coarser grain size, or to reduce the amount of coffee.


Flat White

The Flat White is a recipe which originated in Australia and is made with coffee and milk, characterised by a very fine micro-foam that distinguishes it from the traditional Cappuccino.

A world of coffee

At home, in the office, at cafés, in co-working spaces, in restaurants... There are innumerable places and times of day when we drink coffee, all over the planet. It is estimated that over 100 million sacks of coffee beans are consumed worldwide each year, exported mainly from Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, India and Ethiopia.

Different coffee extraction methods and tasting rituals have been developed around the world.

Travelling throughout the United States, it becomes clear that filter coffee is the most widely used brew: this is a percolation extraction, also known as a 'pour over'. Water passes through a layer of coffee, extracting its flavour, and the residues of the ground coffee is filtered through paper, fabric or a metal mesh. If you occasionally happen to taste a cup of Caffé Americano and find it too bitter, the reason is probably due to over-extraction: it needs to be brewed with a coarser grind of coffee.

Today, the electric filter coffee machine is the most widely used for this type of coffee extraction.

The DCF02 filter coffee machine enables you to brew filter coffee in the comfort of your own home by choosing the intensity of its aroma: from the mildest to the most intense flavour.

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Touring the Middle East, Greece and the Balkan countries, it is possible to taste coffee brewed using the Turkish method. The cezve, a long-handled copper and brass pot, is used. Turkish-style coffee is often flavoured with spices such as cardamom and cinnamon, and it is necessary to wait for the powder to settle on the bottom of the cup before drinking it. In this way, the moment of coffee is also appreciated as a ritual of conviviality.

Moving towards Northern Europe, there is the melior method (a jug equipped with a piston filter) or the French press. This is an infusion coffee pot, where water and coffee are left to brew together, helping to ensure an even extraction.

Coffee brewed using the French press has a fuller body and a richer consistency. It looks a rather cloudy with some sediment to us since the metal filter only removes the larger fragments of ground coffee.

Let's go back to Italy: in Italian homes, there is the tradition of using the moka, the small coffee pot invented in 1933, consisting of a boiler, a funnel, and a screw-on top. As the water starts to simmer in the boiler, the pressure causes it to rise through the tube leading to the coffee. The brew obtained in this way is extremely strong with a bitter taste. To make this flavour milder, it is advisable to use light roasted coffee grounds and to put the moka on medium-low heat.

Finally, we step into an Italian bar: we are in the realm of espresso coffee, the most popular type of coffee drunk when out and about. The term 'espresso' is a synonym of 'freshly brewed': coffee is extracted under pressure, brewed with the professional machine after being ordered by the customer.

This method manages to extract a true concentration of flavour from the coffee beans: the 'crema', the aroma, the body, and the taste distinguish it from all other coffee-based drinks.

Thanks to technological innovation, espresso coffee has also become popular in homes all over the world. The main types of espresso coffee machines designed for home use are manual, automatic, pod and capsule machines.

The EGF03 is the manual espresso coffee machine fitted with a built-in coffee grinder that enables you to prepare espresso coffee and milk-based drinks. To bring the Italian bar experience to the comfort of your own home.

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