Automatic Coffee Machine

BCC13 - Automatic Coffee Machine with a Milk System

Design at first sight

Elegance is expressed through sinuous, minimal lines and matt colours, perfect in any environment to create a unique experience.

The BCC13 coffee machine brews up to ten beverages including coffee, caffe latte and milk: it is fully automatic and has an integrated milk system for fast, easy and efficient brewing.

Choose your cup, the right size according to the beverage of your choice and savour the aroma of freshly-ground coffee at the push of a button.

  • Americano coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso coffee
  • Espresso light
  • Espresso Macchiato
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Milk froth
  • Coffee
  • Long Espresso coffee
  • Hot Water

  • Adjustable grind level
  • Removable dispenser unit for easy daily cleaning
  • Tritan dishwasher-safe milk bottle
  • Easy cleaning system for a thorough cleaning of the milk circuit


The details that make the difference

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Heating system with Thermoblock technology. It keeps water at the optimal temperature for brewing coffee.

Grinding Function

Built in grinder. The true coffee flavour comes from freshly ground coffee beans.

"One Touch"

'One Touch' function. Beverages are ready in one single touch

Compact Machine

Compact and space saving

Milk Function

Perfect foam for every drink thanks to the integrated milk system.

Pump pressure 19 bar

Pump pressure 19 bar: for consistent espresso extraction.

Multi beverage

Multi beverage: 5 coffee drinks, 4 milk drinks and hot water function.


For true connoisseurs

Expert advice on how best to use our products.

Double menu and One touch

Double menu and One touch

Press the middle button to switch between the white menu (Espresso, Coffee, Hot Water, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato) and the orange menu (Espresso Light, Long Coffee, Americano, Espresso Macchiato and Milk Froth). Using the One-touch functions, you can brew your drink at the touch of a button. 
Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

The secret to achieving delicious milk froth also lies in the daily cleaning of the milk circuit. After brewing your milk-based drink, put the milk pipe into a water-filled container.

Make sure the drip tray is empty and press the Easy Cleaning button for 3 seconds.


Latte Macchiato

The delightful consistency of milk foam and the unique aroma of espresso coffee. Latte macchiato is a popular recipe for breakfast or a tasty mid-afternoon break due to its delicacy.

The coffee bean - from the plant to roasting

The coffee beans we buy and grind to brew our favourite beverage are the result of a transformation process that begins with the harvesting of the coffee beans and goes through their processing, blending, and roasting.

The coffee plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family and thrives in the tropical belt of our planet. The two cultivated species from which the cups of coffee we drink are Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (Robusta). The fruit of the coffee plant is a green drupe when still unripe, turning red after 7-8 months. Once ripe, it is similar to our wild cherries, from which it takes its name. The coffee cherry consists of a skin (outer exocarp) and pulp (endocarp) that enclose the two seeds or kernels, which, in turn, are covered by a parchment casing and a silvery membrane.

Ripening is not simultaneous for all berries, so harvesting takes place over several weeks. In Brazil, harvesting takes place between May and September, in Central America from October to March, and in Africa from March to September.

The two systems used to pick coffee cherries are known as picking and stripping. The first method is carried out manually: workers select only ripe coffee cherries and return to the same plant a number of times over several weeks. In this way, a homogeneous, high-quality harvest is achieved. Stripping, on the other hand, is performed in a single step by workers or using special machines that pick all the coffee cherries, including those that are unripe, or which have already fermented.

After harvesting, the drupes are checked to remove unripe or overripe fruit, and the processing stage then begins. This is the process by which green coffee beans are obtained, and ready to be exported. There are three coffee cherry processing methods: dry, wet and semi-washed. In the first, the coffee cherries are spread out in thin layers and left to dry in the open air for 2-3 weeks. With this method, 'natural coffee' is obtained.

However, with wet processing, the coffee cherries are stripped by a machine and the seeds are left to ferment in large tanks of water for 1-2 days. From this process, washed or 'mild' coffee is obtained.

In the third method, semi-washed processing, the cherries are de-pulped and demucillaged by a special machine, thus avoiding the fermentation phase, and the coffee is dried in the sun or in driers. The coffee blends thus obtained are called 'semi-washed'.

Green coffee ready to be shipped to the country of destination is packed in 60 or 69-kg jute sacks and is transported in containers.

Once the coffee beans have arrived at their destination, to attain the highest quality, the most attentive roaster can adopt further cleaning and sorting methods such as blowing, skewering, densimetric sorting and optical sorting. So professional coffee tasters are in charge of blending: the art of mixing different types of coffee to achieve well-defined flavours.

After being blended, the coffee beans are roasted through flows of hot air, gradually modulating the temperature, and thus obtaining different results depending on the type of preparation for which the product is intended: mocha, filter or espresso.

An iconic coffee experience

With the SMEG BCC13 Bean to Cup coffee machine, the aroma of coffee spreads throughout your home: simply fill the container with coffee beans, and at the touch of a button, you can brew your favourite beverage.

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The aroma of freshly ground coffee

The CGF11 coffee grinder is an essential small household appliance to grind coffee beans at home. With different setting levels (fine, medium, coarse) it is possible to obtain the perfect powder for every coffee machine.

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